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SAPIENS – Volume 1

Indoor air pollution, health and economic well-being   
E. Duflo, M. Greenstone, and R. Hanna
Page(s) 1-9
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   15 Feb 2008
An integrative approach to quality of life measurement, research, and policy   
R. Costanza, B. Fisher, S. Ali, C. Beer, L. Bond, R. Boumans, N. L. Danigelis, J. Dickinson, C. Elliott, J. Farley, D. Elliott Gayer, L. MacDonald Glenn, T. R. Hudspeth, D. F. Mahoney, L. McCahill, B. McIntosh, B. Reed, S. Abu Turab Rizvi, D. M. Rizzo, T. Simpatico, and R. Snapp
Page(s) 11-15
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   15 Feb 2008
The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change: contents, insights and assessment of the critical debate   
O. Godard
Page(s) 17-36
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   20 Feb 2008
Our energy for the future   
C. Mandil
Page(s) 37-38
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   26 Mar 2008
Theories of intergenerational justice: a synopsis   
A. Gosseries
Page(s) 39-49
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   15 May 2008
The transformative value of ecological pragmatism: an introduction to the work of Bryan G. Norton   
H.-S. Afeissa
Page(s) 51-57
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   18 Jun 2008
Sustainable development indicators: a scientific challenge, a democratic issue   
P.-M. Boulanger
Page(s) 59-73
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 204 KB)   

   18 Jun 2008