Volumes and Issues  

SAPIENS – Volume 1

Integrated coastal zone management: four entrenched illusions   
R. Billé
Page(s) 75-86
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 155 KB)   

   14 Jul 2008
The current electrical revolution: portrait of a newly emerging architecture in industrialized countries   
P. Dunsky
Page(s) 87-96
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 695 KB)   

   01 Oct 2008
Future scenarios as a tool for collaboration in forest communities   
K. Evans, W. de Jong, and P. Cronkleton
Page(s) 97-103
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 118 KB)   

   14 Oct 2008
Safety standards: an urgent need for Evidence-Based Regulation   
P. Kourilsky and I. Giri
Page(s) 105-115
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 168 KB)   

   03 Nov 2008
Darwinian storied residence: an introduction to the work of Holmes Rolston III   
H.-S. Afeissa
Page(s) 117-124
Abstract   Full Paper (PDF, 132 KB)   

   13 Nov 2008